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Moving to Toronto?

Are you considering relocating your family and moving to a new city? Toronto has the perfect real estate market for you to dip your toe into. This article explores ways you can make like easier for yourself during your big move.

Asides from the Hockey Hall of Fame and the amazing city skyline, Toronto is famous for being the beating heart of Canadian city life. It is an exciting place with the second largest finance sector in the entire continent of North America. Toronto is also well-known for cultural diversity, being a blending pot full of multiple languages, cultures, and styles. It’s a perfect place to move to. It has a rich economy, good schools, and brilliant healthcare. All it needs now is you.

Relocating to Toronto? Real Estate Matters

One of the best reasons to move to Toronto is the wide range of housing options available. To those that have the money, this area offers median rates on family homes of $1.27 million for an average single family home (second quarter’s end 2023). You may also wish to invest in a composite home, condo, or townhouse. 

While you decide which style of Toronto housing best suits you and your family, use a trusted apartment finder to locate monthly rentals for you in Toronto. Be it uptown or downtown, professionally finished, or fully unfurnished, your ideal house will take time to find. The short-term rental gives you everything you need from an apartment while you learn about the areas of the city and scope out the scene.

The Perks of Toronto Life

With such a buzzing financial district, representative of 20% of the city’s economy, it’s no wonder that there are plenty of perks to living here short term or long term. Toronto has a detailed arts and culture scene, with many different peoples bringing a diverse range of designs, styles, and international ideals. 

Attractions include the Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, and Toronto Island Park. There is a thriving nightlife scene which has a calming ambience, rather than a heady one. The town has several festivals each year, hosts sports match regularly, and gives you access to some of the best Canadian schools. 

From the entertainment district to the thousands of restaurants scattered throughout the city, food is a huge part of Toronto culture. You will find street food of every creed and the small markets tucked away on side streets that can fulfil your every whim for ingredients. You can learn more about the allure of Toronto in a previous article.

Other Things to Consider When Moving to Toronto

Lastly, there are other considerations to make if you want to move to Toronto. For example, the average summer temperature is 21 degrees Celsius, while the winter may see you snowed in. The city has a brilliant choice of public or private schools, each of a high standard. Toronto also has a wonderful health service which you gain access to after you have stayed in the city for three months. 

In terms of good cities to move to, Toronto tops the list.