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Refinishing Metal Furniture: What I Wish I’d Known

You should know some things about metal furniture refinishing before getting started. First, you should determine the type of wood your metal furniture is made of. This will help you determine what kind of finish you’ll need to use. Next, you’ll need to choose a refinishing company.

Cost of Refinishing Metal Furniture

Your metal refinishing NYC can be fixed for between $200 and $3,000 if you wish to refinish it. The price varies depending on the size and damage, but it is frequently less expensive than buying a new piece. Additionally, you might be able to find used reports for a lower cost than new ones.

Refinishing entails removing the old finish from the furniture and adding a new one. The technique might involve powder coating or sandblast for metal furniture. Painting can also be necessary. Prior to making a selection, it is critical to obtain many estimates because prices differ greatly between jobs.

Before deciding to get a refinishing job done, consider the type of furniture, you want to refinish. If you have a piece that needs a lot of replacement parts, you may not want to pay a high price to restore it. A better alternative would be to purchase brand-new furniture.

Identifying the Wood Type

Before refinishing any wood furniture, it’s essential to determine its type. For instance, hardwoods tend to be more durable and have dense grains, while softwoods have softer grains and are more suitable for use on outdoor furniture. Hardwoods can also be stained. However, it’s important to remember that a piece of wood is often more susceptible to damage than metal.

To identify the type of wood, check the drawers. Dovetail or tongue and groove construction on drawers will indicate the piece is made of solid wood, whereas nails or staples will show it was manufactured. Also, check the backing to determine whether it’s made of plywood or particleboard. If the piece is made of plywood, it was likely made after the 1950s.

You can also test wood finishes by placing a few drops of solvent on an inconspicuous furniture area. This way, you can see how different solvents react to wood finishes. You can also use swabs dipped in chemical solvents to test the refinishing process. However, following all safety precautions is essential when applying a new wood finish to your furniture.

Identifying the Type of Finish to Use

When refinishing metal furniture, you need to identify the finish type that best protects the metal. For painted furniture, you should use an enamel finish, while for bare metal, you should apply an oil-based urethane finish. This will provide added durability and protection from future damage. An oil-based finish also has a brighter color and lasts longer than water-based enamel.

Several finishes are available for metal furniture, including chrome, PVDF, and solid brass. These finishes are often durable but make metals more visible to fingerprints and smudges. Steel and aluminum furniture often have a painted finish. These finishes are very sturdy and resist rusting and scratching. If you’re unsure of the finish on your table, you can use a magnet to see if it is made of solid brass or has a metal covering.

What kind of solvent to use will depend on the finish type. For instance, shellac is merged with a mixture of three parts alcohol and one part lacquer thinner, whereas lacquer is amalgamated with denatured alcohol. However, varnish cannot be mixed with a solvent. Therefore you must first thoroughly clean the metal furniture. If the finish is damaged, use mineral spirits or turpentine to remove dirt and wax from the surface. You should also avoid working on a humid day, as the alcohol will draw moisture from the air.