Laundry Room Ideas for Small Spaces

You might be overwhelmed with how small the supposed laundry room in your home would be. It is understandable if you used to visit laundry services; their place is quite spacious. To be honest, you do not need that much space. You can make the most of the spare room you have.

Do not worry if your laundry room is relatively small. You only have to ensure it does not look cluttered to make the chore not feel like a drag.

Purchase a stackable smart washer and dryer.

A small laundry room is better with a stackable washer and dryer, and that’s only possible if you choose the front-load machines. You can make most of the small room to free up space, so you can install customized storage. Choose a smart washer and dryer, so your time staying inside the laundry room is cut back. Smart machines can notify you when it is done.

Install custom storage.

You have several things to use in your laundry room, and you have to organize them. Keep your clutter at bay by organizing your laundry room essentials in containers and putting them away in the storage cabinets. You can customize the storage cabinets to ensure it accommodates the sizes of the laundry cleaning materials and caters for your needs. Just ensure that the cleaning materials in the cabinet are easy to reach. 

You can install a custom sotgrae at the side of your machines, it may be a hamper storage or corner cabinets. Always do what brings more advantages to your laundry room. 

Use water-resistant tiles for floors and counters.

Do not forget to use durable water-resistant vinyl or tile for the floors and counters in your laundry room. Your laundry room is exposed to moisture and humidity, installing this type of floor and counter helps you avoid mold growth and warping. 

Integrate a built-in iron table.

An iron table can be your work table. You can sort your dirty laundry, fold your newly cleaned clothes, and iron your wrinkled clothes on the iron table. A built-in one is more achievable if you do not have enough space. You can put it away inside the cabinet if it is not used.

Have a utility sink.

A utility sink is important for handwashing fragile clothes or soaking clothes with deep, set-in stains. Place your utility sink beside the washer and dryer to allow efficient mobility. You can also use the utility sink to wash other things you do not want to do in your kitchen sink.

Install a retractable drip-dry rack.

Use the space above your utility sink to hang wet clothes and not worry about wetting the floor or counter. Install a retractable one, so you can put it away if it is not in use. 

Now that you know how to maximize your laundry room, it is time to consult a professional construction and renovation company. In the meantime, while you are still planning or renovating your laundry room, resort to laundry pickup and delivery.