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Kansas City Home Improvement, One Garage at a Time

Not every homeowner has the need nor does it make sense to automatically apply epoxy flooring to every garage out there. Some literally just need to be taken out entirely and replaced from the soil up again. However, for a good majority of home garages in Kansas City, epoxy flooring treatment can definitely be an advantage and improvement, especially if that garage has some years under its belt with wear and tear already.

Why Home Garages Need Help

Cement is a porous surface. It’s a type of artificial stone basically aggregated from powder and quick-acting chemicals that bond and solidify when mixed with water. As the water dries, cement cures and becomes the hard material it is.

However, cement is also very brittle and cracks easily. This is noticeable when cement is poured, dries and then cracks appear after curing. It’s one of the reasons why metal re-bar is buried in the cement for large surface areas, especially if weight is applied on top of the cement when dry.

The porosity of cement works well when pouring the material, but when dry it’s a problem. Anything poured on cement can start to permeate the surface. While water will eventually evaporate again, other liquids will not.

Engine oil, for example, soaks into cement and creates a very hard to remove stain. In fact, even when scraped up, some of that oil will stay in the cement itself and solvents like brake cleaner won’t get it out. Over time, the above, road grit, foot traffic and more all collect to make a garage look fairly old, stained and embarrassing. That’s when it’s more than time to make a dramatic change.

Fixing the Problem From the Ground Up

When a concrete epoxy flooring in Kansas City is applied, it starts with a full evaluation to understand the extent of the work needed. From there, a professional team knows exactly what needs to be brought in with equipment to do the work.

And that involves a thorough grinding of the cement floor to not just remove the dirt, but also to remove the top layer of the cement to get at that oil and stain a few centimeters deep. Doing so results in a clean, bare cement layer that is fully ready to bond with the epoxy when it is applied. There are no contaminants left to resist the epoxy as well.

What a Homeowner Gets With a Garage Facelift

Now that the flooring is clean, the epoxy is applied in layers, a foundational layer first to bond with the cement and protect it. Following the above, then a second and third layers are applied, which add to the protection as well as provide the color.

The result is a durable flooring cover that provides a smooth surface, protects the cement from further damage, and finishes the garage for both vehicle storage and for other uses too. In fact, some homeowners go so far as to move their car out and turn their garage into another big room for living and home expansion.

as a business office, entertainment or a second kitchen, epoxy flooring near me become an extremely attractive resource for a Kansas City homeowner when completed. So, again, it doesn’t work for everyone, but an epoxy flooring for a Kansas City garage is definitely changing the home for the positive.