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How to Pick the Best Grout Color for Your Installation of Subway Tile

Choosing the perfect grout color is crucial to your subway tile installation. It’s the difference between having your tiles stand out or blending into them. Before we dive deeper into choosing the best color grout for your home, click here to learn the purpose of grout and why you should care.

Thankfully, many options exist, so you can choose one that looks great with your white tile. The following advice will assist you in selecting the ideal grout for your project.

Black Grout

When you’re ready to choose the perfect grout color for your subway tile installation, you’ll want to consider several factors. You’ll need to decide if you want your grout to contrast or blend in, which color will work best with white subway tiles, and more.

If you’re a fan of black subway tile, you may prefer a darker grout that makes the contrasting black lines stand out more. The dark grout also hides splashes of water and stains that may be more easily seen with a lighter grout.

You’ll also need to consider the surface area where you plan to use your subway tile. Black grout can conceal mold and mildew in a wet room, such as the bathroom or shower.

But keep in mind that it’s essential to regularly clean and sanitize your black grout and the area around it to avoid mold growth or staining, as black grout can develop a white haze when exposed to a lot of water.

Another important consideration when choosing the perfect grout color is the tone of the tile itself. Consider using gray grout if you’re going for a more modern and contemporary look.

This color is an excellent choice for a subway tile because it draws little attention to the grout lines. It also prevents the eyes from getting distracted by them, which helps create a balanced and streamlined design in the space.

Light Gray Grout

Choosing the perfect grout color for your subway tile installation is one of your most important decisions. The color of your grout can dramatically transform the look and feel of a room, so it’s crucial to get it right!

Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can go with a bright, eye-catching shade or something more neutral.

If you want to add drama to your white subway tile, consider using dark gray grout. It will create a stark contrast and hide dirt and stains much better than lighter colors.

Light gray is another option, although it doesn’t work as well with white subway tile. You can also go with a warmer shade of gray, like a golden brown or a warm tan.

You’ll have to consider the size of the spaces you’re tiling and the style of your room when choosing the perfect grout color. Large areas need a more dramatic color, while small holes may be better suited to a more subtle look.

If you need help determining which color will work for your tile, you can always ask for suggestions at the tile store. They’ll usually have plenty of samples for you to touch and try out.

Mid-Range Grout

Once your tile has been laid, it’s time to choose the grout color. Considering that it can make or break the aesthetic, it ranks among the essential elements of a finished work.

Picking the perfect grout color is as easy as following uncomplicated guidelines, but knowing where to start can be challenging. That’s why we’ve rounded up some tips and ideas to help you make the best choice for your next subway tile installation!

When selecting a grout color, the undertones of your tile can make a difference. For example, you don’t want to pair a bright red tile with a white grout because you’ll end up with a cold and uninviting space instead of a warm and livable one.

To avoid this mistake, the designer suggests examining the undertones of your tile before you start choosing grout colors.

Remembering this when deciding between light and dark tiles makes it especially important. A dramatic contrast, such as black and white, will draw attention to your tile.

Alternatively, a soft gray grout works well with most tile styles. It provides a subtle richness that complements shaker cabinets, veined stone counters, and other sumptuous finishes. Plus, it gives the space a timeless, sophisticated look that never looks dated — even years later when you change your decor!

Matte Grout

The grout color you choose for your subway tile installation can significantly impact the space’s appearance. The right hue can help you create a more open feel or make a smaller room look bigger.

Matching the color of the grout to your tile can give a seamless appearance to the entire surface. It is conducive for subway tiles because they are thin and can be challenging to see when grout lines are present.

Contrast darker grout with the tile if you want a more dramatic look. It will highlight the patterns and shapes in your tile, creating a unique design element.

Another option is to choose a matte grout that blends in with the tile and creates a more neutral, timeless appearance. This grout makes cleaning more straightforward because it is less likely to stain or discolor than shiny grout.

It is an excellent choice for a kitchen backsplash or bathroom because it lets you clean the area quickly and keeps the grout fresh and beautiful. To keep the grout clean, use a mild solution of warm water and a small amount of soap or detergent.

Aside from its ability to help your subway tile installation look more uniform, the suitable grout can also strengthen the tile and make it more durable. It is crucial if you intend to tile a backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom that will see a lot of traffic. It’s also more resistant to stains and helps prevent mold from growing in the grout.