From Traditional to Modern – Choosing the Perfect Christmas Decor Style

Christmas decorating styles come in many flavors. Some homeowners prefer a classic traditional look that embraces old-school holiday traditions.

Others embrace contemporary elements that reflect modern lifestyles. Black matte accents and golden and wood elements are popular choices for those who enjoy dramatic spaces with a touch of authenticity.

Heirlooms can easily blend with modern Christmas decor. For example, a mahogany buffet can be used for holiday entertaining with layers of ribbon for department-store-worthy wrapping and customized gift tags.


Embrace classic colors and traditional ornaments for a genuinely timeless Christmas look. Oversized bulbs, a nativity scene, and homespun elements create an enchanted Winter Wonderland feel. This elegant style works well with most types of Christmas trees.

Bring your holiday style to the table with a casual dining setup. Instead of assigning a host or a seat at the head, use a round table to encourage conversation. This arrangement also allows Pawpaw to join the table when he wants to talk about his favorite Christmas memories and traditions.

Give a plain windowsill a festive feel with a quaint display. We layered magnolia garland and floral wreaths with printed tinsel to make a jolly scene. For a budget-friendly option, try using everyday foods to decorate. Stick cloves in an orange, hang dried citrus, or thread popcorn for a rustic and inexpensive holiday display. This Christmas style also works well with a rustic or industrial decor palette.


Modern Christmas decor styles rely on simple styling and a neutral color palette but can feel festive. Plaid throw pillows, tabletop trees, and decorative stocking hangers all help to keep the look feeling holiday-ready.

Mix in some greenery, like magnolia leaf garlands on the mantel, for a modern twist on the traditional style. This modern holiday decorating idea adds a natural texture that’s easy to incorporate into your seasonal design, and the magnolia leaves will look beautiful long after the holidays have passed.

Bring a vintage piece of furniture, like this mahogany buffet, and decorate it for the holidays. Then, use it as a spot to display your favorite ornaments and family mementos. If your furniture is too heavy for a holiday arrangement, try adding a small evergreen wreath and some pine cones to the top of the piece to lighten it up.


Whether you prefer a more subtle look or are decorating on a budget, minimalist Christmas decorations can still be festive and cheery. With a less is more approach, minimal holiday decor can highlight your home’s essential elements.

Minimalism can incorporate natural accents to create a warm and cozy feeling for the holidays. For example, replace traditional green ornaments with wild berries and pinecones for an earthy look that feels like you invited nature into your celebration.

You can also use natural colors in miniature adornments throughout your home, such as adding a pop of red to your dining table with an arrangement of poinsettias and foraged holly branches. Or, add a bohemian style to your home with a curated collection of textured materials. For example, a sheepskin thrown over a chair can provide just enough of a warm and cozy element without overstating the decor. Or, a table runner made from woven fringe and tassels can introduce the holiday spirit to an industrial space.


Whether you want to bring modern Christmas decor or update your current aesthetic, the right decorative accents can make all the difference. Pair traditional and sleeker ornaments with natural greenery — like eucalyptus, magnolia leaf garlands, and boxwood wreaths — for a festive holiday look that’s both classic and chic.

Take advantage of the rising popularity of alternate Christmas colors to accentuate modern furniture or a classic evergreen tree. Try pink and champagne gold to add a festive twist as an alternative to traditional red.

If you have modern Christmas decor — including glass vases and candleholders — showcase them in the open by adding themed garlands. Cut lengths of holly, spruce, cranberry bush, or pine berries to fit your vessels and add them to the interiors as an easy and elegant accent.

When the season is over, display your modern Christmas decor as year-round vignettes around your home. Place a wreath over a console table, dresser drawer, or bar cart for an inviting collection.