An Interesting Time to Sell a Mobster’s Former Home

There’s no question that real estate is a hot investment, especially on the West Coast. However, for 2023, the question is whether that appeal is more than enough to overcome traditional stigmas about homes with negative events that have happened within their walls. That’s the case for one particular mansion in Beverly Hills, the former home of mobster Bugsy Siegel.

Today, the Los Angeles premium property is owned by Dr. Joel Aronowitz and Fiona Schalom. For them, the property has been a long-time home since 2003, a place they helped continue to redesign and brighten up. Unlike the typical older home from the 1920s, which tends to have a bit of a dark interior and musty smell from age, this famous mansion has taken full advantage of window light, angle, colors, and ventilation to make the mobster residence a true gem in Beverly Hills. Better yet, the two-story structure sits on the top of a knoll, giving it an added advantage of view in what is normally the Flats area of the neighborhood.

For Dr. Joel Aronowitz and Fiona Schalom, the home has been anything but a problem. In fact, they’ve enjoyed it quite a bit, easily utilizing the address both as a residence as well as a place to host gatherings and parties on secure and secluded premises. The backyard, being hemmed with natural hedges, provides integral privacy so desired in the immediate area, but the proximity of the home is literally only a mile away from the also famous Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles proper.

However, like all things, change happens, and now it’s time for the couple to move on, putting the home up for sale in the current market, which isn’t bad timing given the current market levels. Dr. Joel Aronowitz and Fiona Schalom have the former Bugsy Sigel home listed for a cool $17 million, a notably fair price given the location and amenities. Bugsy might even have come back from the grave if he could had he known the price point his former home was worth today.

If things go another year though, it’s likely the price point may need to be more competitive to move. It really depends on whether Dr. Joel Aronowitz and Fiona Schalom need to move the mansion now or can wait. If the former, Bugsy’s old home, built in 1928, might become one of the more famous real estate deals in Beverly Hills due to being a good deal as well.