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5 Factors to Consider When Selecting MDF Wall Moldings for Your Project

Home improvement is undoubtedly satisfying because you can create something you like. MDF moldings, like skirting boards, allow you to do that. However, you will find the selection challenging, especially if you are new to using skirting boards, and interior décor isn’t your forte. The skirting boards come in different profiles, each suitable for a specific area and use. This simplified guide details the factors to consider when selecting the boards. Read it to the end for insightful information.

Style and Design Compatibility 

You will find different profiles when you search using mdf skirting board screwfix as your search phrase. Consider your space’s style and design elements at this point because you want a cohesive living area. The following are some of the profiles you will come across:

  • Ogee: An S-shaped curved skirting board, ideal for traditional interior design due to its touch of elegance.
  • Torus: a rounded, semi-circular shape that gives it versatility. Its features make it ideal for traditional and contemporary designs.
  • Square edge profile: comes in a straight, squared-off design, ideal for modern interior design.
  • Period-style: a replica of historical designs such as Georgian and Victorian, ideal for homes with periodic design.
  • Bullnose: rounded on the top, giving it a soft appearance, ideal for traditional and transitional interiors.

Most reputable stores selling these decorative moldings have a support team to help you select. Besides, seeking a professional to guide you can also help.

Height and Proportion 

The height of the skirting board influences a room’s visual perception. For instance, taller skirting boards make the ceilings look higher and vice versa. In terms of proportion, the proportional ones create a visual balance, while the inconsistent proportion disrupts design harmony. Therefore, it’d be best to consider the height and proportion and carefully select skirting boards that create a cohesive look. To do so, you will measure your room and give the measurements to whoever will be helping you with the selection.

Material Quality 

Although MDF is known for its durability, the boards aren’t equal. They differ in density, composition, bonding agent, moisture resistance, and surface smoothness. The high-density ones are generally better quality, with the same going for premium MDF made of more wood fibers. Consider such features, especially if you want durable MDF decorative molding.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance 

MDF skirting boards come in complex profiles, and those with unfinished surfaces are a problem to install, especially if you are new to handling them. Therefore, you should consider this factor when selecting the decorative boards for your project. While at it, you will consider your skill level and the project requirements.


Considering your budget during the selection would be best. Doing so will help you plan for the project, ensuring you use the same skirting board profile and quality throughout. It will also help you balance quality and affordability while avoiding unexpected expenses. To do this, you will search using phrases like mdf skirting board screwfix and scour through the online platform to determine the decorative molding that suits your budget.

Home improvement projects like installing skirting boards are essential. However, selecting the right skirting board is daunting, especially if you are new to installing them. That’s why you should use the information you have read here to choose like a pro.