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Ourubertor provides real estate consultations to buyers and sellers who want to find the best prices for their properties. We are here to find your ideal land or home for the price you want with the best features possible. And we will sell your properties by finding the right buyer and the price, with the least brokerage fees in the market.
With us, your real estate dreams will not just be dreams we will make them possible with all our might.

Our Story

Ourubertor was established in 2014 by a group of experienced real estate consultants. All of our members’ goal is to provide the best real estate consultations to get your ideal properties for your home and business. One of the main reasons we formed this group was the dissatisfying service available in the current market. Where people who were looking to buy properties were lead to purchase overpriced and lower-quality properties that didn’t suit them.
And a home or a property has a generational value to the owners and their successors. Thus, if they are looking to sell these properties, they should have their estimated prices met without being undervalued.
That’s why we are here to provide your properties the best prices in the market to meet all your real estate expectations to the best of our abilities.

Our Vision

To be the best real estate consultation provider that offers a variety of options available in the market to our customers is our solemn goal. And we have chosen this path because of the lack of quality and affordable consultation providers found in the industry today. Therefore, we have set our minds to become the best service provider in the industry with this goal in mind.
Within a short time, we were able to achieve a lot in this industry with our great team, and we aren’t stopping just yet.

Our Mission

To provide affordable services with the best of our abilities to find the ideal real estate opportunities that suites our customers. And help them get the most profits out of their real estate endeavors while guaranteeing a successful transaction process. These are the main goals we follow as our mission to provide the service possible to our loyal customers.
You won’t regret choosing Ourubertor as your real estate partner over our competition. Because our experienced and expert team will give all the support. You need to solve your real estate problems.
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